One Flower.
One Child.
One Mission.

Donate to the One Flower Project and receive a seed kit and learn how to grow with a community that seeks to teach kids and adults alike how we can all help our pollinators. When we help nature heal, we heal ourselves.

One kit is donated to schools with each donation kit sent.

When you love Mother Earth, she loves you back.

The Mission

The One Flower Project aims to get children involved to help increase awareness and sustainable habitats for pollinators through the planting of cosmos and wildflower seeds.

We understand that the simple act of planting a seed can open all of our eyes to the connection between the natural world and our way of life.

Pollinators are declining at an alarming rate. One of the main causes of the decline in pollinator populations is the loss of habitat. Planting flowers and creating a pollinator-friendly yard with native plants can go a long way to helping the most important species on Earth.

Our organization is funded primarily by individual donations. With each $10 or more donation, we donate one kit to schools and teachers looking to enhance their pollinator curriculum.

The One Flower Project strives to be a driver for positive change - the actions of individuals, collectively, have the power to change the world.

How it Works

When you donate at least $10, you will be sent one of our seed kits for you to grow with us at home.

Each One Flower Project seed kit includes:
  • A packet containing a mixture of sunflowers and wildflower seeds
  • Planting instructions
  • Instructions on how to share and engage
  • A One Flower Project sticker

Join The Movement

We understand that the pace of today’s life has pulled us away from the basic teachings that nature provides. When we focus attention on the planet, we have the ability to help sensitive ecosystems and Mother Nature rebound.

By getting children involved and building a community around the One Flower Project, we aim to shed light on how something as magical as growing a sunflower can make a positive impact on our children and help create sustainable habitats for pollinators.

Through the One Flower Project, we have the opportunity to engage with nature, spend time outside with family, and provide children with a project that they can be proud of.

At the One Flower Project, we will leverage technology, non-profits, and corporate sponsors, and align with influencers by building a community focused on planting seeds of change one flower, one child at a time.

About Us

One Flower Project, is a nonprofit (501c3), purpose-driven organization on a mission to create awareness and grass-roots participation in environmental projects and challenges that positively affect the world we live in.

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Help Make A Difference

Pollinators across the globe are in rapid decline and need our help. Severe loss in feeding and nesting habitats, increased use of herbicides and pesticides has led to massive habitat loss––a tipping point. Without the actions of pollinators, agricultural economies, our food supply, and surrounding landscapes would collapse.

Our Partners

Kindhumans is your marketplace for good. Kindhumans was created to celebrate the good in humanity by elevating community, commerce, and world-changing causes.
At High Mowing Organic Seeds, our mission is to leverage the power of seed to transform our world.
Bee Girl Is a nonprofit with a mission to educate and inspire communities to conserve bees, their flowers, and our countryside.

At Evermaven, our environmental stories create immersive experiences—rooted in the human condition—that make
people feel.

Quest is a powerful platform that allows designers and organizations to build custom pixel-perfect websites without writing any code.
Are you a like-minded purpose-driven organization that would like to align with our mission? Contact us.

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